Information and Support
ATTENTION: If you need immediate help, please call your local directory assistance and contact your local police department, Department of Welfare, Human Services or other support organiztion, especially if children are at risk.   


National Institute on Drug Abuse
This is the government research and statistics page. Very current and up to date.
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National Clearing House for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI)
The world’s largest resource for current information and materials concerning substance abuse.

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Center for Substance Abuse Prevention

Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects (CRISP Data Base)
A biomedical database system containing information on research projects and programs supported by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Public Broadcasting Service
Although not “public” only anymore, these professonals still do it best. This archieve is second to none.
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Substance Abuse Treatment Locater
Find Treatment programs near you, all automatic!
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Narcotics Anonymous
“Central to the program is an emphasis on what is referred to as a”spiritual awakening,” emphasizing its practical value, not its philosophical or metaphysical import, which has posed very little difficulty in translating the program across cultural boundaries. Narcotics Anonymous itself is nonreligious and encourages each member to cultivate an individual understanding, religious or not, of this ‘spiritual awakening’.”
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U.S. Department of Health Drug Support Hotline
For those of you who would rather use your phone, I recommend this number. You will find everything you are looking for here.
The Ibogain Dossier
This site is research oriented, scholarly, and ran by a M.D. It is an extraordinary site, with all sources verified and cited in every article.
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Teen Challenge

[Religiously Based Treatment Program]
I wanted to better understand their methodology regarding their purported “cure” rate. Upon contacting the Teen Challenge main office, I was told that “Since most people are not interested in wading through those reports, I am not sure they even exist in this office.” They offered no way to produce them either. However, I am listing their page here for those inclined to investigate the program.
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Treatment and Programs

Naltrexone is a drug that blocks the effect and craving for heroin. Search the NIDApage with the keyword“naltrexone.”
Until this list is complete, the SAMSA link to the left is your best best for treatment information, along with the NIDA link.
 Christian Rehab Services and TreatmentOur Master’s Camp: Center for Christian Drug Rehabilitation Treatment