The Tortured: Life in One Hour

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Story about Opiate Addiction and the Torture of It

You sit strapped to a chair, your arms and legs securely fastened. From the faint light in the room, you see the familiar face of your torturer return once again. You know he will begin the same way he always begins, by tapping your fingertips with a ball peen hammer, not hard enough to damage the nerves, but hard enough to turn them black, never letting them completely heal, and then the pain that brings you to the edge of unconsciousness: six minutes between each tap, one hour for both hands. Then, a rest of perhaps ten minutes before another creative form of torture begins. Today is different from yesterday. Today, the torturer sets a plate in front of you with four items upon it. One item is a syringe, a lighter, a spoon, and enough heroin to escape the next hour of pain. He unstraps your arms.